The Natural Contemplative

Ask the animals and they will teach you






Humanity and the Earth are in a crisis. We have put at risk the systems that all of life depends on for survival: the air, the soil, the oceans, the diversity of plants and animals. Because the crisis involves the whole sweep of the human presence on the planet, the resolution of the crisis must be equally comprehensive. My understanding of the crisis and its resolution are based in ecology and contemplation; encountering our essential emptiness, attending to the natural world, and listening in and recording natural soundscapes.

Few of us ever get to look a whale in they eye or dwell in silence, so it becomes the job of people like me to try to convey those experiences, and the vital message they transmit. It is like being an ambassador from another world that has its own language, one that can not be translated into human speech. Music, the common language of the Earth, perhaps comes closest.

On this site you will find educational programs devoted to contemplation and the natural world, music of a Celtic flavor that draws inspiration from land and sea, a few soundscape recordings, and the essays through which I attempt to communicate what I have learned from observing the natural world and our own human lives, and dwelling in the great mystery of silence, and a blog where much of my writing first appears.




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