Older Essays

Here are a few older essays. They do not necessarily represent my current orientation and understanding, but they were the best I could do at the time, just as what I write now is the best I can do, all wholly inadequate for describing my experience of the world.

Contemplative Prayer

"Contemplative prayer is a way of standing against the dominant social order and returning to a more elemental way of living. "

Natural Meditation

"Natural meditation involves bringing attention to every aspect of life and realizing the sacred."

More Is Never Enough

"The mind tries to fill all the space with itself, so it doesn't have to face its ultimate emptiness, which it can not understand or control. The mind tries to find fulfillment in more, and more, and more. And it can't. It never works."

Deep Calls to Deep

"Two decades ago we thought we had saved the whales. Now we and the whales are threatened by the same human attitudes and behaviors."

The Heart of Meditation

"The 'me' I have always known is constructed out of the rejection of some things and the accumulation of other things. Embracing the rejected, and letting go of the accumulated; who is doing that? Who is taking this journey?"

What is Meditation?

"My approach to meditation involves one simple thing: being present, with your whole being, to whatever is happening...."

Follow the Drinking Gourd

"We are minor players, but players all the same, in a universe that is not merely a collection of disassociated things, but a dance, both formal and passionate"

What Love Requires

(Published in Fellowship Magazine), 1994

"The moment of accepting that you are forever beyond my comprehension is a moment of deep love. It is a moment of immense possibility. I am closer to you then than ever I am when I think I know you. "

Dancing A New Dance

(Published in Fellowship Magazine), 1992

"Out of that silent uncertainty, we take a few first steps, and discover that the self is not the origin of our existence, that stepping into the unknown is not oblivion."

Essential Change

"How do we bring about real change? Revolutionary change too often carries the seed of its own destruction. Change that occurs very slowly, over generations, is not as likely to create opponents. But do we have so much time?"

Long Journey Home

(A Long Trail Journal)

"To take the ordinary, even the painful and difficult, and make of them a celebration, to reveal the miraculous within the commonplace. Is there any greater joy? "


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