Coracle with seals


Cynthia Hughes: Celtic harp, guitar

John Crockett: cello, Irish whistles, guitar, soundscapes



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Into the Silence

Music and Silence for the Winter Solstice

20 December 2017
7:00 pm

Dummerston Congregational Church
Dummerston Center, Vermont

On the longest night of the year, Dummerston Congregational Church invites you to this annual program of contemplative music and silence featuring Celtic and original music by Coracle (Cynthia Hughes, Celtic harp; John Crockett, whistles and soundscapes).

Coracle's music is inspired by the sea and the land, by the cycle of the seasons and by the stillness of contemplation. We invite you to reconnect with the spirit of this magical time of the year, the time of deepest darkness and the returning of the light.

All are welcome.



Voice of the Earth 

The whole Earth is singing. The birds are singing. The trees are singing. The frogs and crickets are singing. The air is singing. The whales and seals are singing. And we too are singing. All voices of the voice of the Earth.

For millennia, humans have drawn inspiration from the voice of the Earth: the music of whales and seals, birds and insects, wind and forest. Using live music and nature sound recordings, we explore this amazing world of musical collaboration between humans and the many other voices of the Earth.

Through music we reconnect with Earth's common language. We become listeners and collaborators, friends and colleagues with plants and animals, with the whole movement of life. And that makes all the difference.